The Assembly

How an innovation ecosystem can be mapped via contract data

PhD. Niccolò Stamboglis

Niccolo Stamboglis, from the Italian Business Register, explains to us in this video how we applied the OTF methodology to analyse the contract ecosystem. He also explains how we used the approach to explore intangible capital in the Italian Innovation Ecosystem. Therefore he will introduce us to the core concepts of OTF and how the innovation ecosystem can be mapped using administrative data from the Italian Business Register.

Making Sense of Ecosystems Using Visual Analytics

PhD. Rahul Basole

From the November 13th 2017 Symposium “Innovation Ecosystems for AI-Based Education, Training and Learning” Rahul Basole, Associate Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology addresses these points…

  1. Ecosystem intelligence is a critical capability for every stakeholder.
  2. Computational + visual analytic methods applied to heterogeneous data and data types can reveal valuable new insights.
  3. Structure and strategy have a symbiotic relationship.

Meet the Team

Jukka Huhtamäki

Exrade Srl – Trakti Ltd

Niccolo Stamboglis


Domenico Racanelli