Open Trust Fabric

The first Open Trust Fabric Community Event

We’re growing our community of curious individuals and organisations who can drive us towards this vision. In a series of informal, virtual get-togethers, test your ideas in a sandbox environment and have fun! It’s an opportunity to contribute and test your ideas with a diverse community of like-minded and curious people, interact with founding members and the wider community, and help set the OTF course to success!!

The Boardroom

This is where decisions are made. The boardroom gives you an oversight over the whole Open Trust Fabric project, allowing you to best understand our vision and your role.

The foundry

Contract standards, design and modelling is vital to the Open Trust Fabric. The Foundry explains how OTF prose Object model and implementation facilitate a better mapping of the economy.

The Assembly

The most important part of this project is linking all the elements. Contract data, contextual data, transactions are vital to the Open Trust Fabric. The Assembly explains the part that data plays in our mapping of the economy and how each part (or cog) fits in to the overall project.

The Control Room

Understanding the impact of such a project is vital. The Control Room allows you to see how this project can change policymaking by mapping an economy as an ecosystem of contracts.

Live Community Event

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